{feasts} oysters

{feasts} oysters


Because it was a rich, cheap source of protein, oysters quickly became very popular on dining tables of America’s working class. Now up there with caviar, foie gras and champagne as one of the world's ultimate luxury foods, oysters don't look much from the outside (the shells are rough and grey), but the flesh of these bivalved molluscs is wonderfully succulent and delicately flavored. Join us as we explore four different preparations (only one raw!) and a delicious dessert as we enter the “months that end in -r” that usher in that wonderful time of year - Oyster season!

When: September 25, 6:30pm

Where: Williams Sonoma Fig Garden

Price: $70.00

Due to the nature of our events, tickets are first come, first served, and are non-refundable. Menu/ingredient substitutions will be politely refused. 

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